Green Tourism at Yuikirara – 2

On Day 2 at Yuikirara, everyone was very sleepy in the morning. However, after breakfast we all headed up the valley to a vegetable garden. There, we learned how to plant sweet potatoes after preparing the soil. These sweet potatoes will be ready for harvesting in October, the same time as the rice we planted the day before. After planting was completed, we went to a local river to clean up, then had a drive over the mountain to enjoy the natural scenery.

「ゆいきらら」の2日目、朝はみんなとても眠かったです。 でも、朝食後、みんなで谷の上にある菜園に向かいました。 そこで、土作りをした後にサツマイモを植える方法を学びました。サツマイモは、前日に植えた稲と同じ10月に収穫できる予定です。植え付けが終わった後は、地元の川で清掃を行い、山越えのドライブで自然の景色を楽しみました。

After returning to Yuikirara, we had a simple lunch before we packed up to return home. It was very sad to say goodbye to all the local people who had welcomed us so warmly! However, we enjoyed ice cream and the famous Nakatsu fried chicken before getting on the train back to Kitakyushu. It was a fantastic two days, and we made lots of wonderful memories.