Green Tourism at Yuikirara – 1

Yuikirara is a facility in Koge Town in Fukuoka Prefecture that offers opportunities for people to experience rural life in Japan. It was created from an elementary school that had closed, and offers tatami rooms for groups to sleep in and delicious food cooked by the community from local ingredients.


On June 17, eight students from Malcolm Swanson’s 3rd-year seminar class traveled there to enjoy this rural experience. On the first day, we were welcomed by the local elders and given a lunch of delicious curry. After that, we spent a few hours planting rice seedlings by hand in the traditional way. After a quick break to enjoy a glass of shiso juice, we returned to the fields to harvest potatoes and sweetcorn.

6月17日、マルコム・スワンソンの3年ゼミの学生8名が、この農村体験を楽しむために現地へ赴きました。その後、数時間かけて、伝統的な方法で手植えで稲の苗を植えました。 シソジュースを飲んで一休みした後、畑に戻ってジャガイモとスイートコーンの収穫をしました。

Dinner that night was a delicious platter of many local dishes (see the photo below), and then we went for a walk to watch fireflies. After we returned, we enjoyed setting off fireworks before heading back to our rooms. It was a great day with lots of healthy outdoor activities, but everyone still had enough energy to chat and play games until early morning.

その日の夕食は、たくさんの郷土料理のおいしい盛り合わせ(下の写真参照)で、その後、ホタルを見に散歩に出かけました。 帰ってきてからは、花火を打ち上げて楽しんでから部屋に戻りました健康的なアウトドアのアクティビティがいっぱいの一日でしたが、みんな朝方までおしゃべりしたりゲームをしたり、まだまだ元気いっぱいでした。